• John Mortimer

Vote Smart to get the SNP and the Greens Out!

It's so important that unionists use both their votes to max effect this May. If we vote smart we can rob the SNP of their coalition partners and get them out!

Abolish are only contesting the PR regional lists - where small parties like the Greens can win seats - precisely so we can maximise the anti-SNP/anti-Green vote.

Vote smart by giving your 1st vote (constituency vote) to whoever is best placed to beat the SNP in your constituency, whether Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem.

Then, give your 2nd vote (regional list vote) to Abolish so we can win vital list seats off the Greens and deprive Sturgeon of her coalition partners. It's going to be a straight fight between Abolish and the Greens for the final list seat in each region!

This is the smart way to vote to get the SNP and the Greens out. We explain it more fully, with examples, in our FAQ. Click here to read it.