• John Mortimer

Thank You to All our Supporters!

Thank you to the 7,272 supporters who voted for Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party on Thursday 6th May.

It was a tough election for all the small parties, but we are pleased to finish within the nation-wide Top 10 by total regional list votes cast. There were twenty-five parties which contested this election, so to finish in the upper-half of the table, with over 7,000 votes, is very respectable for a new party.

Our fantastic team of candidates worked really hard, and all of them can hold their heads high. We did something really important and unique at this election - we gave Scots the first opportunity to vote against the expensive, divisive, failed devolution experiment since Blair's 1997 referendum. For all voters under the age of forty, it was their first ever chance to have a democratic say on this fundamental constitutional issue.

Our core message - that we should scrap Holyrood, Save £100 Million every year, and spend it on the NHS and education instead - clearly resonated with over seven thousand Scots who supported us at the ballot box.

Of course, it is disappointing that we have been lumbered with another five years of SNP-Green coalition government. The Holyrood gravy train will continue for now. However, we can be thankful that the SNP were deprived of a majority, and the Greens made less than half the gains they had hoped for.

Thank you to all those who have supported us, both at the ballot box and throughout the course of our campaign. It is greatly appreciated! Regards,

John Mortimer Leader, Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party