• John Mortimer

Text Pest MSP Derek Mackay Still Riding the Gravy Train

Disgraced MSP Derek Mackay has claimed more than £8,500 in costs at Holyrood since quitting the Scottish government, after it emerged he had bombarded a 16-year old schoolboy with creepy text messages.

The Times recently reported that at least half of these costs were claimed as expenses for his Edinburgh flat, even though he hasn't appeared at Holyrood since quitting as Finance Secretary in February.

This is what we are paying for at Holyrood. It is little wonder that costs at the devo-assembly have soared to over £100 Million every single year. It is appalling that the taxpayer is having to fork out for this bloated bureaucracy, at a time when ordinary Scots are suffering unprecedented economic hardship.

Mackay and the 128 other MSPs will ride the gravy train for as long as they can. Only Abolish are standing up against it and providing a vital anti-devolution voice next May.

By giving your 1st vote to the candidate best placed to beat the SNP, and your 2nd vote to Abolish, you will help us win vital list seats from the Greens and get the SNP out. It's time the gravy train came to an end!

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