• John Mortimer

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Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party is a fully registered political party that will contest the regional lists at next May's Holyrood elections. Our launch recently attracted the attention of several major papers: New political party aims to abolish Scottish Parliament by winning seats at Holyrood (Daily Record, 19-08-2020)

Abolish the Scottish Parliament: New party aims to destroy Holyrood from within (The Times, 20-08-2020)

By contesting regional lists and not constituencies, we help maximise the anti-SNP vote. If just a little over 1 in every 10 unionists lend us their 2nd vote, we will reach the 6% threshold and win vital regional list seats from the Greens, depriving Sturgeon of her coalition partners!

Holyrood: An Expensive, Divisive Disaster

Support for abolishing Holyrood has surged after Boris rightly called devolution a disaster. Two former Prime Ministers, Blair and Brown, have admitted it was a mistake that has damaged the Union.

The devo-assembly now costs over £100 Million to run every single year. That's enough to fund over 1,000 extra teachers and 1,000 extra nurses and still have millions left over to reverse damaging SNP cuts.

And what do we get in return for Holyrood's enormous annual bill? Over a decade of SNP government that has missed all of its basic targets, from hospital waiting times to policing to education.

Sturgeon has now forced over 2 million Scots into her draconian Tier 4 lockdown. This will ruin hundreds of businesses and put hundreds of Scots out of jobs, yet 129 MSPs are sitting comfortably on plush salaries at Holyrood, including lavish six-figure salaries for Sturgeon and her cronies.

The Cosy Holyrood Establishment

Holyrood is a cosy club defined by a stifling liberal, pro-devolution consensus. Even the Scottish Tories support Sturgeon on many issues, like shutting the 'border' with England during COVID. Under Douglas Ross they spend more time attacking the UK Government on issues like Brexit and devolution than the SNP!

We say enough is enough. Next may, let's take on the Holyrood establishment and vote smart to maximise the anti-SNP vote. You can do this by:

  • Giving your 1st vote to the candidate best placed to beat the SNP

  • Giving your 2nd vote to Abolish, to win vital regional list seat from the Greens

This crowdfunder for £4,000 will help us pay deposits so we can field candidates in all eight Scottish list regions; it is also roughly the cost of leafleting every household in any given list region.

With your help, we can get the SNP out and deliver a vital anti-devolution voice in Scottish politics next May.

Kind regards,

John Mortimer, Leader and Central Scotland Candidate

John Ferguson, Nominating Officer and South of Scotland Candidate

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