• John Mortimer

Support for Abolish Surges!

We have witnessed an extraordinary couple of weeks in which the Prime Minister and two former Prime Ministers have admitted that devolution has been a disaster, that it was a mistake and that it has damaged the Union. Blair, Brown and Boris have said what many Scots could see clearly for many years now.

There has been an incredible surge in momentum to scrap the divisive, expensive, authoritarian devolved assembly at Holyrood. This outpouring of anti-devolution sentiment includes great articles by Stephen Daisley in the Spectator, Brian Monteith in the Scotsman, Carlton Brick in Spiked Online, and Henry Hill in CapX.

Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party has been overwhelmed with sign ups, messages of support and applications to stand for the May 2021 Holyrood elections. By contesting the regional lists, Abolish are directly challenging the Greens for vital seats and can deprive Sturgeon of her coalition partners.

Anger at Holyrood is growing rapidly now Sturgeon’s SNP devo-government has plunged over two million Scots into her draconian Tier 4 lockdown. This will ruin hundreds of Scottish businesses and put thousands out of work. Areas in the lower tiers are also suffering terrible economic damage. Considering that Scotland has almost twice as many COVID deaths per head of population as lockdown-free Sweden, it is clear that Sturgeon’s heavy-handed approach is not working.

The fact is this SNP devo-government has an abysmal record over their 13 years in power. They have failed key targets on health, policing and education while obsessing over another unwanted, divisive referendum. Ordinary Scots are footing Holyrood’s whopping bill that now comes in at over £100 Million every single year, including six-figure salaries for Sturgeon and her cronies. These lavish expenses are a slap in the face to Scots amidst a time of unprecedented hardship and uncertainty.

Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party says it is time to Sack Sturgeon, Abolish Holyrood and spend the many millions saved every year on the NHS and education instead.

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