• John Mortimer

Sturgeon Condemns Scottish Businesses to Financial Ruin

Sturgeon's lockdown announcement will place two million Scots under a Tier 4 Lockdown, prohibiting "non-essential travel" outside of their council area, and forcing "non-essential" businesses to close.

This could not come at a worse time for businesses who have already faced months of harsh restrictions and uncertainty. Now, they will be deprived of essential Christmas sales that could have provided a much-needed economic lifeline.

Sturgeon's SNP devo-government clearly has no regard for our livelihoods or our liberties. They have consistently taken a heavy-handed, nanny-state approach to government (Humza's Hate Crime Bill, Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, the Named Person Scheme, smacking ban, etc.) and clearly feel entitled to control the lives of ordinary Scots.

Sadly they face little opposition from the hopelessly timid mainstream unionist parties. If you want a real alternative, lend Abolish your 2nd vote next May and help us win vital regional list seats from the Greens! Register as a supporter:


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