• John Mortimer

Stand for Abolish!

Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party will be fielding candidates across Scotland for the regional lists (the '2nd vote') at next May's Holyrood elections.

We are a fully registered political party, and we've had an amazing response on social media since our online launch in August. Although our physical launch event, originally scheduled for October, is delayed due to COVID restrictions, we are working hard to prepare for next May.

If you are interested in standing for Abolish or getting involved in other ways, please get in touch:

👉 https://www.abolishholyrood.org/contact

Find out more about Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party:

View our policies: https://www.abolishholyrood.org/policy

Our key people: https://www.abolishholyrood.org/people

Read our FAQ: https://www.abolishholyrood.org/faq

Follow our Twitter: https://twitter.com/AbolishHolyrood

Sign up as a supporter: https://www.abolishholyrood.org/register