• John Mortimer

Seize this Historic Opportunity to Vote Against Devolution!

Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party is doing something incredibly unique and important this May. We are giving all Scots the first opportunity to vote against devolution since Blair’s 1997 referendum!

We are contesting all Scottish regions, and have a fantastic list of candidates lined up. Our striking name, description (Save £100,000,000 Yearly) and Union Flag emblem will top every single regional list ballot paper in Scotland! We’ve knocked Alex Salmond’s Alba Party (which failed even to get a logo on the ballot paper!) off top spot right across the country.

So many people have contacted us with messages of support. Some have told us they have always opposed devolution, and voted against it in 1997. Others have told us they voted for it in the original referendum, but now regret it, because they can see how damaging it has been for Scotland. They believed New Labour’s promise when they were told devolution would “kill nationalism stone dead”. Of course, it had the opposite effect, and has brought us into the era of the neverendum and constitutional obsession.

We were promised one thing, and got something else. Over twenty years on from Blair’s referendum, Scots have every right to judge devolution on its record.

Major polls have placed support for abolition at 22% in recent years (PanelBase, Sunday Times, 2019). Therefore, if just 1 in every 4 voters who wish to abolish Holyrood back us with their list vote this May, we will reach the 5-6% threshold to win vital list seats off Harvie’s Greens and get the SNP-Green coalition out!

Only Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party can shake up the cosy Holyrood consensus this May. Back Abolish with your regional list vote if you agree Holyrood’s £100 Million annual bill would be better spent on the NHS and education instead, and that it’s time for a much-needed anti-devolution voice in Scottish politics.