• John Mortimer

Scottish Tory Leader Backs Federalism

Appeasement, more devolution and federalism were the overarching themes of Douglas Ross's first major speech as leader of the Scottish Conservatives.

Bizarrely, Ross criticised the UK Conservative Government for having an "over-centralised" approach and called for more devolution to Edinburgh, even though is it Holyrood that has aggressively centralised powers through a succession of power grabs from local government.

Worryingly, he also called for controls over immigration to be devolved to Edinburgh to appease the SNP and pro-UK voters who backed remaining in the EU.

However, his most ill-thought out proposal was his call for the devolved administrations, including Holyrood, to be given seats in the House of Lords. This ludicrous idea would give Holyrood the power to slap down UK-level legislation passed by the House of Commons. It would flip the Union on its head and federalise the UK. Of course, if this was ever implemented it would cause significant damage to the Union.

The comments follow on from an extaordinary attack which Ross made on Boris Johnson and the UK Conservative leadership, while praising Sturgeon for being a "better communicator".

This weak, appeasing, pro-devolution approach from Ross is simply not good enough. We can't trust the Scottish Tories to maintain the Union or oppose the SNP. If you want a real unionist voice, back Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party and lend us your 2nd vote next May!

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