• John Mortimer

Salmond Scandal Has Demolished Holyrood's Legitimacy

The unfolding Sturgeon-Salmond scandal has exposed Holyrood for what it is: a corrupt, unaccountable, bureaucratic mess that is incapable of holding the so-called 'Scottish government' (in fact, a glorified devolved administration) to account.

The revelations are extraordinary, and in any sort of normal, Western democracy they would bring the government of the day down. Yet in Sturgeon's devolved administration, the response has been one of censorship and closing ranks while desperately clinging onto power.

High-profile political and media figures are now beginning to say what many Scots have said all along - that devolution is a failure and Holyrood is simply not fit for purpose. Boris set that ball rolling last year with his very correct observation that devolution has been a disaster.

Now, Andrew Neil has observed that Scotland increasingly looks like a "banana republic, without the bananas", where "independent law officers, a parliament prepared to hold government to account, a press strong enough to speak truth to power – are trammelled by the power of a near one-party state." This is the sad truth of what Scotland has become after 14 years of SNP devo-administration.

The Spectator's Fraser Nelson wrote that the Salmond scandal has "shattered his belief in devolution". The below excerpt is a sober, telling description of the abject failure of devolution:

"Devolution now looks like a chimera. Power was never really devolved to the people: it has instead been hoarded by politicians in Edinburgh. Powers to choose or even set up state schools, granted in England, have been denied to Scots. Patient power, another Blair-era reform, was confined to England. There is no Scottish Andy Burnham figure, no city mayor, challenging government. Even the regional police forces have been merged into Police Scotland. At every stage, power has been centralised. The SNP’s grip over that system – formal and informal – is amazing to behold."

The anti-devolution position has now firmly entered the mainstream. The scandal-ridden assembly at Holyrood, with an annual bill of over £100 Million, is now on very shaky ground.

This May, Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party will give Scots the first chance to vote against devolution since 1997. If you agree that devolution is an expensive, divisive, failed experiment, lend Abolish your 2nd vote and help us deliver a shocking blow to Sturgeon and the rattled devolved establishment!

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