• James Dunsmore

Holyrood is a Failed Blair Experiment That Has Run its Course

Falling education standards, a health service vastly underfunded, homelessness increasing, child poverty, rampant drug deaths and increased use of foodbanks. These are among some of the major problems facing Scotland today.

The Scottish ‘government’ appears to be doing nothing to overcome these problems which are an embarrassment for Scotland in a modern world.

The SNP have been in power for 14 years now, and during that time Scotland has somewhere lost its way. They have systematically destroyed this once proud nation by a catalogue of failures which are well known to all of us.

Ill advised investments giving no return to the electorate of Scotland.

Bifab, Prestwick Airport, the Edinburgh Childrens’ Hospital and the ferries sitting rusting away to name a few.

Their one agenda item Scottish Independence is losing support daily, it's time for change.

The SNP have proven that the Scottish Parliament, set up under the Blair administration is not fit for purpose.

It seems to me that we have another choice to make in Scotland. Do we carry on debating whether or not there is to be another referendum or do we confront the problems facing our country today which affect too many of our people?

Many nationalists may want to consider where years of fermenting division and grievance will take us. Does it make sense to polarise the country in a way that one half becomes increasingly intolerant of the other? That is not the Scotland I want to see. Do we want to see the same thing happen in Scotland as occurred in Northern Ireland? I think not.

The Scottish Parliament has no in-built checks and balances. The SNP’s record in government is poor in many key areas.

It is increasingly clear, and the Covid pandemic highlights this, that the Scottish Parliament far from being a voice for the people of Scotland, as was envisaged in the blueprint for devolution, is becoming increasingly a platform for a one-party state, where the voice of the majority of people is not respected.

The fact that the ruling party in Scotland make decisions which are incompatible with those made in Westminster, has led to confusion amongst the people of Scotland.

Funds which were provided to the Scottish Parliament to aid Scottish businesses during this crisis have not been dispersed properly, and no-one has held the SNP to account!

The Salmond inquiry has highlighted that the SNP see themselves as demigods, who need answer to no-one, not even the will of parliament, and have kept secret documents that have been called for. Documents which have been paid for by the people of Scotland!

Do we let this continue?

If we want to live in an Orwellian dystopia then yes, but if we want change then we have to act to remove the powerbase of the SNP by closing down the Holyrood Assembly.

The Scottish Parliament costs the taxpayer £100 million pounds per year to run. That money could be better spent on many of the problems facing us today.

Scotland should not be facing the many problems we see daily and the underfunding issues of the NHS, education and the like could be tackled, and tackled successfully if these funds were not wasted on a useless Parliament which serves no-one but themselves.

There are increasing calls for the Scottish Parliament to be abolished. It was a Blair experiment, it has run its course, and has justified the thoughts of many who were sceptical about the wisdom of setting it up in the first place.

There is only one Party in Scotland standing up, for this increasing number of dissatisfied people of Scotland. That Party is the Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party.

The SNP take election results as a mandate for indyref2. Vote Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party and Scotland can have a mandate for closing them down. See how the SNP like that!

If you want your rights and civil liberties eroded by the SNP do nothing, but if you've had enough, want change, want a better Scotland (as part of one of the most successful unions of nations in the World), then vote wisely, vote tactically to remove the SNP and their lapdogs the Greens, and give your second choice (regional vote) to Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party.


James Dunsmore

Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party.