• Callum Buchanan

Holyrood Has Totally Failed on the Everyday Issues

Updated: Feb 18

Devolution has been a disaster. Until recently, it was difficult to express anti-devolution views because nationalists would smear you as being ‘anti-Scottish’, and the mainstream unionist parties are all on the devolution bandwagon. Labour and the Liberal Democrats want more devolution, while the Conservatives are split; most of their voters are now against devolution yet their MPs and MSPs all support it.

It has become clear that devolution is incompatible with the Union. The past twenty years have proven it to be a motorway towards so-called ‘independence’, just like Tam Dalyell warned. To support more devolution is to support the carve up and balkanisation of the UK.

Holyrood has failed to deliver for Scotland, and it is now a gravy train for glorified councillors. The First Minister is entitled to a salary of £157,860; which is £7,000 higher than the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The Justice Secretary John Sweeney’s salary entitlement (not including expenses) is £112,919. In 2016, £2.1 Million was paid out in ‘resettlement costs’ to failed MSPs who lost their seats. The assembly building itself cost an astonishing £414,000,000 to build and Holyrood now costs £116 Million to run every single year. That works out a £2.23 Million a week.

A major poll (PanelBase, Sunday Times, 2019) found that 57% of Scottish Conservative voters support abolishing Holyrood. Support for abolition is surging amongst the electorate and is now high enough that an anti-devolution party could comfortably win seats on Holyrood’s regional list system at this May’s election. And that’s what Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party will be doing!

It is devolution that put the SNP in power and has given them a platform to run Scotland into the ground and push constantly for another unwanted, divisive referendum. They have faced no real opposition at Holyrood for 14 years now, no matter how bad a mess they have made. The whole establishment is pro-devolution, including the media and the BBC in particular who have never said a bad word about it.

Under devolution there will always be support for Scottish ‘independence’ and there will always be talk of another referendum. The only way to put these issues to bed and get rid of constant talk about another referendum is to abolish devolution and get out of the goldfish bowl of Scotland-only devo-politics.

Twenty years of devolution has damaged the Union. In 2014 the majority proudly voted to be British, yet devolution has left us stuck with an SNP administration. They have wasted funding on useless things that nobody has benefited from while failing targets on education, policing, NHS waiting times, employment and business. Devolution has been a disaster that has brought no benefits to the common working man. It’s time to abolish Holyrood and give the powers back to local councils and local communities. If we abolish devolution we will save over £100 Million every year and can put that money to good use in education and the NHS, funding thousands of nurses and teachers.

Let’s save the Union, save our United Kingdom and abolish devolution!