• Callum Buchanan

Get Rid of Holyrood and Maintain the Union

Some people call the SNP the Scottish Nationalist Party, but I call them the European Regional Party. They say they want Scottish independence, but that's totally wrong, in truth they want Scotland to be a mere region of the European Union.

It is devolution that has given the Scottish nationalists a platform to constantly push for another divisive referendum. For them, devolution is just a stepping stone towards ‘independence’.

Labour’s answer has been to promise more devolution to try to appease the SNP and we see this from the Lib Dems and the Scottish Tories too. But appeasement is not the way to beat the SNP.

We have the highest taxes in the United Kingdom: a light bulb cost £357 at Holyrood; the MSPs are on high salaries; Holyrood costs over a million pounds every year; the First Minister is entitled to a higher salary than the Prime Minister of the UK. People who work for the Scottish government are on high salaries, when money comes from Westminster a lot of it goes to them.

Devolution has been a failed experiment. We should get rid of Holyrood; it's time to abolish devolution and maintain the Union. Devolution has put our United Kingdom at risk, so it's time to save our United Kingdom and abolish Holyrood.

By Callum Buchanan