• John Mortimer

Email Bulletin June 2021

Dear supporters, I hope you are all well, and enjoying the weather and the increased freedom now lockdown restrictions are finally beginning to substantially ease. Frustratingly, Sturgeon insists on opening up Scotland more slowly than the rest of the UK, costing Scottish businesses tens of millions in lost revenue! The decision to devolve the Covid response, on a geographically small island nation such as ours, was truly inexplicable. In any case, now the dust has finally settled following the May Scottish parliamentary elections, this update will give an important update on the future. Firstly, I think we can all be proud of what we have achieved, and of fulfilling our goal to provide an anti-devolution option to voters for the first time since the 1997 referendum. Abolish was formed to unite anti-devolutionists from a variety of party backgrounds under a single banner for the May 2021 elections, to contest the regional lists. Despite the challenges of Covid/Lockdown, we were able to field candidates across Scotland and win over 7,000 votes in our initial outing. Twenty-five parties contested the election, and we secured a top ten place by total list votes won; ahead of some household names which had far more coverage and funding. Now that the Holyrood elections are over, we are a full five years away from the next one. For that reason, we’ve cancelled all recurring payments from supporters. All donations received were a great help to us in fighting the May elections, and were raised specifically for that purpose. However, we don’t want to continue to raise donations during an extended period without electoral activity. The very small and dedicated core team which ran our campaign, putting in a huge deal of time and effort, must also return more fully to our personal commitments following the election. Our Executive Committee has therefore agreed to suspend further activity, and that combined with the cessation of our registered supporters scheme and electoral activity, this marks a natural point of closure for us following the election. However, we will leave our website up as a very useful archive full of anti-devolution facts, figures and thoughtful articles. We are also hopeful that Abolish, as a single-issue, anti-devolution alliance for all those who agree devolution is an expensive, divisive and failed experiment; can be revived nearer the time of the next Holyrood elections. Thank you to all who have supported us, and to the 7,272 Scots who voted for Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party on Thursday 6 May. Regards, John Mortimer Leader, Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party