• Callum Buchanan

Devolution Has Been a Disaster for the North East

In the North East we have been treated terribly by the SNP administration. We have no voice, no one who represents us and our councils are badly underfunded. Our SNP MSPs don’t care, they would only care if it was affecting them.

A lot of people in the North East are coming out with anti-devolution views. They have had enough of devolution because it has negatively affected our business, our jobs, our communities and our schools.

The SNP promised the North East better funding, better education, more jobs, a better voice, and more. What we got was the most underfunded councils, a worse education system, teachers having to buy their own resources, job losses, businesses having to lock up for good, put in a lockdown 3, 4 times.

Holyrood should be shut down. Twenty years of devolution has been a disaster for the North East, it has brought us nothing but missed targets and broken promises. Let’s Abolish Holyrood and let the North East thrive in the Union once again! By Callum Buchanan