• John Mortimer

Devo Disaster: It's All Coming out Now!

What an extraordinary seven days we have just witnessed. Boris’ admission that devolution has been a disaster has given a massive boost to the devosceptic movement, and started the ball rolling for a series of admissions from former Prime Ministers.

Shortly after Boris’ remark, Gordon Brown admitted that he was naïve to fail to see the damage that devolution would cause to the unity of the United Kingdom, and that the SNP would abuse it as a platform to push their grievance politics:

“It was naive to think we could create strong Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and regional decision-making bodies and automatically expect people to feel more British as a result,” he wrote in an article for the New Statesman. “Equally, it was naive not to anticipate that devolution could create a megaphone for intensifying resentment.”

Blair made a similar admission about New Labour’s roll-out of devolution in the late 90s: "I did feel that we made a mistake on devolution… We should have understood that, when you change the system of government so that more power is devolved, you need to have ways of culturally keeping England, Scotland and Wales very much in sync with each other.”

Devosceptic journalists finally feel vindicated and emboldened to speak up. There have been some excellent articles this week from Stephen Daisley in the Spectator, Henry Hill at Conservative Home and Carlton Brick at Spiked Online.

Support for scrapping Holyrood has skyrocketed, and Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party has been getting a surge of interest from supporters and people interested in standing at next May’s Holyrood elections. Abolish leader John Mortimer did an interview with The Majority, a leading Scottish unionist media group, which can be viewed at this link.

With just 5.6% of the vote required to elect an MSP on the regional lists, Abolish have an excellent chance of winning vital seats from the Greens next May and delivering a much-needed anti-devolution voice in Scottish politics.

If you are interested in standing for Abolish, fill out the candidate application form below:


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