• John Mortimer

Abolish to Contest All Scottish Regions!

Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party is contesting all eight list regions at this May’s Scottish parliamentary election. This means that all Scots will have the first opportunity to vote against the expensive, divisive, failed devolution experiment since Blair’s 1997 referendum. Almost a quarter of a century on from the ’97 referendum, it is now time to start judging devolution on its record.

Our lead candidates for each region are as follows: Jack Malcolm (Highlands and Islands)

Callum Buchanan (North East Scotland)

Ian Mann (Mid Scotland and Fife)

John Leckie (Lothian)

John Ferguson (South Scotland)

John Mortimer (Central Scotland)

James Dunsmore (Glasgow)

Robert Watson (West Scotland)

It is time to Close Holyrood, Sack Sturgeon and ditch the dysfunctional devolution settlement which has singularly failed to live up to all it promised Scotland. Holyrood has become a bloated, bureaucratic gravy train for third-rate politicians, who are little more than glorified councillors.

The SNP have failed Scotland. We've had fourteen years of independence obsession, missed targets and falling standards on health, education and policing. It's not good enough.

Holyrood now costs us over £100 Million every single year. That's millions spent on lavish salaries, expenses and vanity projects while ordinary Scots struggle with job losses, cuts to public services and SNP tax hikes.

We say enough is enough. It is time to abolish Holyrood. Give the powers back to local government and the Scottish Office so we can end the division and rebuild Scotland.

Abolish will spend the millions saved every year on the NHS and education, funding thousands of nurses and teachers while scrapping SNP tax hikes. And we will convert Holyrood's staff offices into homes for veterans!

Large polls in recent years have placed support for abolition at around the 20% mark (19%, PanelBase, Sunday Times, 2017; also 22%, PanelBase, Sunday Times, 2019). For context, roughly 5-6% of regional list votes will elect an MSP in a given region. Therefore, if just 1 in every 4 of those who want to abolish Holyrood give Abolish their list vote, we will elect an MSP in each of Scotland’s list regions!

While we work towards building an anti-devolution majority, we will use any seats won to support a unionist coalition to get the SNP out, and provide a much-needed anti-devolution voice in Scottish politics. Only Abolish will shake up the cosy Holyrood consensus!

The below links provide further information on Abolish:

Website: https://www.abolishholyrood.org/ Key people: https://www.abolishholyrood.org/people Policies: https://www.abolishholyrood.org/policy FAQ: https://www.abolishholyrood.org/faq Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abolishholyrood

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AbolishHolyrood

John Mortimer

Leader, Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party