• John Mortimer

Abolish is the Home for all Anti Devolution Unionists

If we want to get the SNP-Green coalition out this May, we need to vote smart to maximise the impact of both of our votes: the constituency vote and the regional list vote.

To do this, vote tactically in the constituencies by backing the candidate best placed to beat the SNP, whether that happens to be Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem. Then, vote strategically by giving your regional list vote to Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party!

Abolish are fighting the Greens for vital regional list seats. The bigger unionist parties, having won constituency seats, are penalised on the regional lists. This is because of Holyrood’s confusing and convoluted voting system: for every constituency seat a party wins, it gets one seat deducted from what it wins on the regional lists. That’s why small parties like the Greens, which don’t win constituencies, do well on the regional lists. And that’s why Abolish is the smart pro-UK vote on the regional lists.

Abolish is the home for all unionists who want to get the SNP-Green coalition out, and who agree we need a fresh anti-devolution voice to challenge years of the stifling, pro-devolution, cosy consensus at Holyrood.

If you are a Conservative voter opposed to Holyrood’s tax hikes and the lavish salaries and expenses, then back Abolish with your regional list vote. We will abolish this unnecessary, bureaucratic tier of government and ditch SNP tax hikes on middle-earners in the process!

If you are a Labour voter opposed to Holyrood’s cuts to public services and its strangulation of funding for local councils, then back Abolish with your regional list vote. We will use the £100 Million saved every year by scrapping Holyrood to fund 1,000 extra nurses, plus 1,000 extra teachers and reverse SNP cuts!

If you are a Lib Deem voter concerned about Holyrood’s aggressive centralisation of power away from local government, then back Abolish with your regional list vote. We will decentralise power back to local authorities while reintroducing an empowered Scottish Office to get funding, services and infrastructure delivered directly in Scotland with the benefit of UK-level funding! Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party is the home for all who agree that devolution is an expensive, divisive, failed experiment. We are the anti-devolution alliance with supporters and candidates from many different party backgrounds, including Conservative, Labour, UKIP and the Brexit Party!

Whatever your party of choice for the constituency vote, back Abolish with your regional list vote to make sure we maximise the pro-UK vote, win vital regional list seats off the Greens and deliver a much-needed anti-devolution voice this May that will send shockwaves throughout the Scottish political establishment!

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