• John Ferguson

Abolish Holyrood to Escape the Neverendum

Updated: Jan 27

John Ferguson writes on how the SNP's 'independence' referendum plans would force years of division and constitutional chaos on Scotland.

The SNP recently revealed their supposed "end of the road" map to independence.

What they have not made clear is that their route planner will take us on a diversion through desolate single track backroads, via purgatory to Neverendum. What they are proposing actually goes something like this... 1. The SNP ignore health, education etc., and fight this May on an IndyRef2 ticket. 2. The SNP force a divisive campaign over an indicative referendum (which would be the 3rd major referendum Scots voted on in recent years). 3. The SNP would then of course have to adjourn to the courts to argue the (very dubious; indeed non-existent) legitimacy of the vote & result. 4. If somehow successful at the courts, the SNP would then have to conduct an acrimonious divorce negotiation. 5. Once the terms of the withdrawal agreement were settled, a confirmatory referendum (referendum no.4) would be necessary to proceed. 6. The SNP would then have to negotiate the future relationship with the UK & deal or no deal during the transition period. 7. The SNP would then want to cancel independence by applying for accession to the EU - something that would require yet another referendum (referendum no.5) in Scotland! Fortunately there is an antidote to this referendum mania and relief is coming soon, with the development of an effective vaccine to counteract this poisonous venom. Vote Abolish in May 2021 to put an end to the referendum madness at Holyrood!

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