• John Mortimer

Abolish Backed by MAJORITY of Conservative Voters!

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross has alienated many unionists with his worrying remarks this week, including calls for a separate Scottish immigration system and to give seats to the Scottish Government in the House of Lords.

Perhaps Mr. Ross should consider how out of touch he is with his own party's voters. A major poll (PanelBase, Sunday Times, 2019) revealed that 57% of those who voted Conservative at the 2016 Holyrood elections support scrapping the Scottish parliament - our flagship policy!

With Ross's weak and appeasing attitude to Sturgeon and his support for federalism, he can be sure that huge numbers of Conservatives will be giving their 2nd vote to Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party next May. With just 6% of these 2nd votes in any list region, we will be able to elect an MSP and deliver a vital anti-devolution voice! You can help maximise the pro-UK vote next May by giving your 1st vote to the candidate best placed to beat the SNP, and your 2nd vote to Abolish!

We're going to put an end to appeasement and show the SNP what a real opposition looks like!

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