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A major 2019 poll showed support for abolishing Holyrood stood at 22%. On the regional lists, 6% of the vote guarantees a party will elect an MSP at a Holyrood election.

In other words, we only need roughly 1 in every 4 voters who actually want to Abolish Holyrood to give Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party their second vote in May 2021 and we are guaranteed to elect MSPs!

At Holyrood elections, voters vote twice: once for their local MSP and again on the regional list where smaller parties like the Greens win seats through a proportional representation system.

Unionists can vote smart and get the SNP out by giving their first vote (their local MSP) to one of the bigger unionist parties and their second vote (the regional list) to Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party.

This means that we will maximise the Unionist vote, because in Holyrood's convoluted system, for every local MSP a party elects they get one less MSP allocated to them on the regional lists. So if you vote twice for the same party and your choice of local MSP gets elected, your second vote could be wasted.

Don't let that happen! Vote Smart and get the SNP out by giving your second vote to Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party. Come May 2021 we are going to shake up Holyrood and show the SNP what a real opposition looks like, and they are not going to like it one bit!

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