Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party will contest the regional lists at the May 2021 Holyrood elections to maximize the pro-UK vote and get the SNP out!





Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party Nominating Officer

"Devolution at Holyrood is now a separatist shambles. It's time to send in the administrators and close it down."

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Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party Leader

"We now pay £100,000,000 for Holyrood every single year, and what do we get in return?


Over a decade of SNP government that has missed all of its basic targets, from hospital waiting times to policing to education.

Devolution has failed Scotland."

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The SNP have been in power now at Holyrood for over a decade, and they have failed to meet all of their key targets and promises from hospital waiting times, to police and education.

Their divisive agenda is hurting Scotland, but the Scottish Tories have been a weak opposition and have failed to oppose Sturgeon on major issues like devolution and Brexit, where they sit far too close for comfort!

The May 2021 Holyrood election is Scotland's opportunity to send Sturgeon a message. Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party will show the SNP what a real opposition looks like!

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Holyrood has failed to deliver for Scotland. The 'wee pretendy parliament' has become a gravy train for third-rate politicians who are little more than glorified councillors.


The crumbling eyesore famously cost over ten times its original budget, coming in at a whopping £414,000,000. Now millions are spent on repairs.


Combined with six-figure salaries for 129 MSPs and their entourage of staff, Holyrood now costs Scotland £100,000,000 every single year, and seems to serve no purpose other than as a platform for the SNP to push their divisive nationalism.

We say it is time to Abolish Holyrood, save £100,000,000 annually, spend that money on the NHS and education instead and transform Holyrood's grounds into homes for veterans.

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A major 2019 poll showed support for abolishing Holyrood stood at 22%. On the regional lists, 6% of the vote guarantees a party will elect an MSP at a Holyrood election.

In other words, we only need roughly 1 in every 4 voters who actually want to Abolish Holyrood to give Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party their second vote in May 2021 and we are guaranteed to elect MSPs!

Unionists can vote smart and get the SNP out by giving their first vote (their local MSP) to one of the bigger unionist parties and their second vote (the regional list) to Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party.

This means that we will maximise the Unionist vote, because in Holyrood's convoluted system, for every local MSP a party elects they get one less MSP allocated to them on the regional lists. So if you vote twice for the same party and your choice of local MSP gets elected, your second vote could be wasted.

Don't let that happen! Vote Smart and get the SNP out by giving your second vote to Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party. Come May 2021 we are going to shake up Holyrood and show the SNP what a real opposition looks like, and they are not going to like it one bit!

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